Boutique legal especialista en regulación general, solución de controversias y arbitrajes, consultoría económica, transformación digital, TICs, telecomunicaciones y transportes.

Digital Transformation – ICT

Aware that the world changes dynamically and is facing a new digital revolution, it is necessary to develop the tools and adaptations to the private and public sectors with a view to providing the citizen and the client with the facilities to adapt to that revolution.

Identification of the necessary tools for the implementation of Digital Governance and Digital Transformation in companies.

Advice to public entities, in general, on digital issues, connectivity, compliance and necessary digital tools.

Reports on digital data protection.

Advice, to companies in general, related to cybersecurity, data protection and digital transformation.

Other issues that changing and dynamic technology presents us with as a challenge. Regulation or no regulation, digital transformation is part of business and public life. We will be supporting you in this process.