Boutique legal especialista en regulación general, solución de controversias y arbitrajes, consultoría económica, transformación digital, TICs, telecomunicaciones y transportes.


We have experience in the management and handling of Concession Contracts and Public-Private Partnership Contracts, in areas such as Highways, Trains, Ports, Telecommunications, among others. Therefore, in our Consulting Firm, we offer:

  • Regulatory Reports regarding the correct interpretation in the execution of the contractual obligations.
  • Advice in the Public Bidding process leading to the awarding of contracts for Public-Private Partnerships or Active Projects.
  • We advise on the obtaining of enabling titles (at the national level) for the deployment of infrastructure, as well as in the infrastructure sharing procedures provided for in the applicable regulations.
  • Proposals for technical and/or regulatory modifications during the contract execution period.
  • Accompaniment and advice in the negotiations for the deployment of infrastructure with third party companies.