Boutique legal especialista en regulación general, solución de controversias y arbitrajes, consultoría económica, transformación digital, TICs, telecomunicaciones y transportes.

General Regulation

We are professionals with extensive experience in management and elaboration of public policies. We have experience in the private sector in matters of public services, and knowledge of regulation of transport, communications, sanitation, and energy sectors; which gives us a global vision.

Regulatory reports on matters such as regulation of services, supervision, sanctions, competition, mandates and rates, among others.

Evaluation and reports related to concession contracts and the applicable regulatory framework.

Legal-economic analysis of the regulatory implications of the projects in competition before The Private Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSIÓN) and other entities in general.

Legal opinion of contracts with the State or between private parties, which are related to the deployment and/or use of infrastructure.

Issuance of proposals for addenda to the concession contracts signed with the Peruvian State.

Reports on economic-financial balance in public-private partnerships (PPP) Contracts.

Regulatory and economic support in contract and addenda renegotiation processes.