Code of good practices of the consulting firm

We are a Regulatory Consultancy that attaches extraordinary importance to the following good practices, so please read them carefully, since, if you honor us with your trust, they will be applied in our Client-Consultant relationship.
1. We generate with our Clients and with the Society as a whole, a relationship in which honesty and transparency are fundamental. Our goal is to make a great difference in the legal and regulatory consulting market, with truly creative products and services, which show the best of our professional profile, as well as our clear and efficient management of costs for our clients. Therefore, we will analyze your case and evaluate the alternatives under a cost & benefit perspective. We will give you the complete decision tree, so that the Client can decide the best option.
2. We will always keep you informed of any possible “conflict of interest” that may arise, even if the legally established time has passed, but some position on the matter has been expressed. We prefer to be extremely cautious in this matter, for the benefit of the greatest transparency.
3. Clients are not charged for hours that do not correspond to them. There are no overlapping hours or “tururu” calls. Our billing is completely transparent and fair, and always reviewed in advance by a Senior Partner. Pre-settlement is always sent to Clients for review prior to billing for any observations.
4. As private actors, we follow the most rigorous interactions with the public sector, and we are convinced that we must not only be, but “also appear”, so, according to international recommendations and in accordance with best practices, we inform our Clients that in order to safeguard the image of the Consultancy, we comply with pointing out that if any of our Clients is involved in acts of corruption or alleged acts of corruption, we reserve the right to automatically terminate the contractual relationship between that Client and the Consultancy.
5. Our Consultancy maintains a very high level of integrity when dealing with government officials, authorities and members of the private sector. We reject any suggestion of giving gifts, “kickbacks” or making payments that are intended to influence, or could appear to influence, the decisions of third parties, particularly governmental, administrative, judicial or arbitration authorities.
6. Finally, it is important to remember that our Consulting Firm does not engage in interest management. Therefore, when we advise you, our engagement does not include personal advocacy with public officials.
7. We maintain the highest standards for the treatment of CONFIDENTIAL information. All information to which our Consultant may have access regarding the provision of our professional services, will be handled within the highest professional standards of confidentiality that are applicable to this Client-Consultant relationship. Upon completion of the contracted services, we will return, as soon as possible and when you request it, all the documentation that you have given us, if applicable.
Thank you in advance for your kind understanding. We are convinced that only with effort and actions, we will honor the code of good practices that is our real insignia and what gives meaning to our being here, in front of you.