About Us

We were born in the Regulatory Consulting market with an integrated 360º vision, in which the profile of the Lawyer is complemented with technical and/or economic profiles, as appropriate in the field of Infrastructure and Technology Regulation. Our vision is to become a REGULATORY or SECOND LEVEL BOUTIQUE, in which we can prepare reports that are used as inputs to the First Level Studies, as well as to participate in Arbitrations, Controversies, or Administrative Proceedings in general.

We are a group of professionals. We offer experience and creative youth, whose objective is to bring the best of ourselves, offering originality to excellence and making a difference. Our principles and values constitute the solid and transparent backbone of the team: friendship, transparency, honesty, dedication, and passion for what we do.

Building solutions:

Our way of working considers each Client and their circumstances. We evaluate the problem, and we will always propose a complete (transparent) decision tree. The specific work teams that require the participation of economists and engineers are formed according to highly technical criteria, and the Consultancy proposes external Consultants associated to the Consultancy, if the matter under evaluation involves a much more solid specialization.

Power is not determined by your size, but by the size of your heart and your dreams!

(*) Taken from “Luffy” en “One Piece”.







Comprehensive analysis

Economic rationality